Quantcast Utility Connections and Interruptions

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Provide results of structure to soil potential measurements where
protection is to be provided for existing underground structures
or where buried test specimens are used for new installations.
Provide results of temporary cathodic protection tests, if any,
under same conditions described in item immediately above.
When cathodic protection systems are to be installed in areas
known to be occupied by existing underground utility systems,
provide results of a cathodic interference survey on all existing
5.24.1  General:  Describe the impact of the added load on the activity
distribution system with particular regard to:
Energy Conservation;
Adequacy of affected portions of the system to carry the increased
c.  Adequacy of the service entrance to carry the increased load, in
the case of purchased utilities;
d.  Adequacy of on-station boiler plant (or other generating plants)
to carry the increased load; and
Cumulative effect of other projects in the active or planned
The PDE will provide information on the other projects.
5.24.2  Utility Connections and Interruptions:  Describe connections and
interruptions to utility services and arrangements made with the user and
the appropriate office or activity responsible for providing such service;
i.e., PWC, the activity or commercial utility for any special requirements
during cutover.  Describe the responsibilities of the Government and
construction Contractor during interruption and connection; i.e. who
furnishes labor, material, and equipment.
5.24.3  Location of Underground Utilities:  State whether toning is
required.  Coordinate with the PDE whether construction Contractor or A-E
to perform toning.  Generally the Pearl Harbor Shipyard areas require
toning to be accomplished by the A-E.
5.24.4  Projects Requiring No Utility Contract Modifications:  For projects
supportable using existing contract capacity agreements, describe the
quantitative and qualitative analysis for the proposed new requirements,
the existing peak usage-to-date, and the existing contract capacity
Projects Requiring a Contract Modification:
Provide the following:  Sewer and Water:  Describe design pipe sizes, flow rates,
pressures and estimated quantity and quality requirements.  Telephone:  Describe communication requirements in terms of
quantity and types of service.  Coordinate with NCTAMS EASTPAC (Code N2)
(808) 653-1111.


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