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long-term maintenance and lower cost.  Criteria for Commercial Intrusion
Detection System (IDS) shall be per NAVFAC DM-13.02.
5.26.1  Engine Generator General Requirements:  Engine generators shall
generally conform to requirements in MIL-HDBK-1003/11, "Diesel Electric
Generating Plants" and applicable NAVFAC guide specifications.
5.26.2  Mechanical Consultant:  Ensure that a mechanical consultant is
responsible for all aspects of the diesel engines and related accessories,
including the required calculations.  Information obtained solely from
vendors will not be acceptable.
Required Information:
Provide the following information.
a.  That engine generators conforming to contract specification and
drawing requirements are commercially available and that adequate equipment
room space is available for installation and maintenance.  Include a list
of available engine generators that meet project requirements.
b.  Calculate or obtain information on BMEP, engine speed, and fuel
consumption on engine generators that are commercially available and appear
to meet project requirements.
c.  Calculate the following for prime duty units:  Estimated fuel cost
for the first year of operation, estimated excess fuel cost (May be
percentage of first year fuel cost), using projected hours of operation
from the applicable guide specification.  When bid evaluation and
compensatory damages are included in a construction contract specification,
a copy of the basis for evaluation and compensatory damages shall be
forwarded to the Contracting Officer for retention in the construction
contract file.  NAVFACENGCOM policy requires that the compensatory damages
(a form of liquidated damages) be reasonable and supported by calculations
placed in the contract file.
d.  Verify applicability of regional air pollution regulations for
engine generator exhaust and include provisions for compliance if they
apply or the basis for exception if they do not apply.
5.27.1  Compliance with Acquisition Regulations:  Comply with Department of
Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) cited in Section
8, including the following:  Minimum Needs:  Establish minimum Government needs for software
and data in consultation with PACNAVFACENGCOM and the activity and provide
project documents that will satisfy these Government needs.  Prepare
written questionnaires, survey existing construction and activity
operations, interview cognizant personnel involved in activity operation,
and review plans and specifications of pertinent prior projects to
establish Government needs.  Consider requirements for expansion,
modification, operation, or maintenance and service.  (If DFARS is revised,
refer to the appropriate paragraph.)  The requirement for a market survey
is necessary to determine whether or not the data is commercially
available.  If data is non-commercial, the special license agreement will
be written by experts and only what can be released by contractor will be
included in the contract.


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