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Custom Search  Contract Documentation:  Provide for required contract
documentation including a list of items, data, software, components,
processes and rights therein to be delivered with other than unlimited
rights.  Contract Clauses:  Assist the Contracting Officer in inserting
required DFARS contract clauses in the project specifications.  Contract
clauses will be in the Contracts Office portion of the bid package and not
in the A-E technical specifications.  Software Standards:  Include in the project specifications
detailed descriptions for all necessary software, data, and documentation
to comply with DOD-STD-2167, "Defense System Software Development," or
other approved standards so that the items can be extracted and listed on
DD Form 1423 as required.  DD Form 1423:  Furnish filled in DD Form 1423 to be used in
bidding or negotiation.  Furnish bid item list in the prescribed format. If
DOD-STD-2167, which lists appropriate Data Item Descriptions (DID), is not
used as the software development standard, perform the required research
and select the appropriate DIDs to be used on the DD Form 1423.  Software Package Information:  Provide or recommend to the
Government a means of determining if a software package had been developed
at private expense; provide this in conjunction with required contract
documentation above.  In addition, during the development of the project
specifications, furnish a list of commercially available software packages
which will provide all or part of the functions, data, and documentation
required in the project and the names and addresses of the vendors.  Also
provide the names and addresses of the installations where the software
package has been in satisfactory use for at least 2 years.  Note important
exceptions taken by vendors, such as reluctance or refusal to furnish
documentation desired by the Government for future expansion, modification,
operation, or maintenance and service.  Review commercial licensing
agreements and assist the Contracting Officer in preparing special
licensing clauses if additional rights are needed to be written into the
5.27.2  Quality Assurance:  Provide requirements in the project
specifications for software development and quality assurance by the
Contractor in accordance with DOD-STD-2167 or other standards as approved.
5.27.3  Cost Estimates:  Provide detailed cost estimates of software and
other data to be furnished.
5.28  NONDOMESTIC AND PROPRIETARY MATERIALS:  Identify and provide written
justification why these materials are required.  PACNAVFACENGCOM approval
is required prior to including in plans and specifications.


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