Quantcast Basement Underslung, 2:1 Geared Traction -Cont.

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if possible.  If it becomes necessary to install such an elevator, extreme
caution should be exercised in it's design.  Consultation with several
suppliers is advised in addition to close examination of ANSI A17.1, Section
5.  Plan dimensions for single and multiple hoistways are available
in the NEII Vertical Transportation Standards Guidebook.  These dimensions
vary with the cab configuration, counterweight location, speed and capacity
of the elevators.  This guidebook provides all the basic dimensions and
clearances required for virtually all combinations of factors.  This
guidebook is a valuable tool for anyone involved in the early stages of VTE
design.  The guidebook is available from NEII, 600 Third Avenue, N.Y., N.Y.
10016, for $12.00.
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