Quantcast State of Hawaii Elevator Code Criteria Applicable to Navy Elevators in Hawaii

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State Rule
A17.1 Rule/Comment
12-230-2(d)  "Smoking Prohibited By
Not addressed.  May be
Law" sign req'd in all passenger
required elsewhere.
elevator cars.
12-230-10(a)(5)  Elevator frames shall
Not addressed.
be fully grouted for hoistway enclosures
constructed of other than gyp-board.
Gyp-board enclosure/elevator frame con-
nection must be UL approved.
12-230-10(e)(1)(B)  The pit ladder shall
Dimensions other than ladder
have a clearance of at least 5 inches
height are not addressed by
between the center of the rungs and the
A17.1.  DM 3.09 requires that
wall.  The minimum clear width of the
ladders meet ASME/ANSI A14.3.
ladder shall be 16 inches.
NFGS requires 4" btwn. rungs
and wall.
12-230-10(e)(3)  The switch for the pit
The light switch must be
light shall be on the same side of the
accessible from the access
access door as the pit ladder.
door.  Addressed in changes
to the NFGS.
12-230-10(g)(2)  18 inch minimum clear-
Not addressed.
ance on three sides of drive motors.
Hydro and basement traction require
clearance on 2 sides only.
12-230-10(g)(8)  Install louvers or
A17.1 is not as specific and
deflectors as req'd to prevent rain
requires only "protection from
from being blown on machinery components.
the weather".
12-230-10(g)(10)  Ventilate machine
No specific requirement, says
room to maintain the temperature at
"to maintain adequate venti-
not over 95 degrees F 95% of the time,
lation." DM 3.09 requires 10
unless a lower temperature is req'd by
CFM/HP of elevator motor.  90
the manufacturer.
degree F max allowable temp in
machine room.  A/C or forced
ventilation is required.
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