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Reviewing design parameters, actual specifications when
available, or any other project documentation to determine
the effect on current base communications infrastructure
(e.g., base cable plant and switching systems).  This
includes, but is not limited to, validating/revising:
Proposed building feeder cable from the base
backbone cable system, inside building wiring
scheme, and the interface between them for
Proposed building distribution cable consisting of
horizontal cable (i.e., cable running from a floor
wire closet to a user's jack on the wall or
telephone instrument) and vertical cable (i.e.,
cable running from an intermediate distribution
frame to the wire closets on the floors) for
appropriate choice of size and type (e.g., copper,
coaxial, fiber) for adequacy.
Proposed ancillary equipment (e.g., fiber optic
terminals, line conditioning, channelization, backup
power, etc.) for completeness.
Proposed space allocation, electrical supply, and
environmental controls for base communications
switches, terminal equipment, operator consoles,
cable vaults, desktop base communications equipment,
floor wiring closets, intermediate distribution
frames, etc. for sufficiency.
Assisting the project sponsor and any tenant activities in
determining actual equipment or service requirements not
included in the scope of a MCON or other Navy funded
construction project, and in acquiring the equipment or
services necessary to fulfill those requirements.  This
includes, but is not limited to, ordering dial tone,
special circuits, and telephone instruments.


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