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Providing a Site Specific Statement of Work (SSSOW) for
inclusion into the MCON or other Navy funded construction
project involving the procurement of a new base
communications switching system and/or total replacement,
or extensive modernization of the base cable plant.
Additionally, provide these follow-on efforts, as
Provide technical support during the contracting
process to answer questions concerning the SSSOW.
Act as assistant contracting officer's technical
representative (ACOTR) for the base communications
part of the project.
Participate in source selection panels.
Supporting the requiring agency in obtaining any
Life Cycle Management (LCM) or other automatic data
processing (ADP) equipment approval required in
support of the base communications portion of the
MCON and other Navy funded construction projects.
Attend project/contracting review conference and site
surveys when requested.
Include in NAVCOMTELCOM's base communications procurement
packages incidental site preparation (i.e., minor
construction), having a direct association with the base
communications equipment installation (i.e., customizing a
space to meet the specific needs of the base communications
contractor).  The authority shall not exceed 10% of the
total project contract or $300K, whichever is less.
Concurrence/approval shall be received from the appropriate
NAVFACENGCOM office at each major milestone decision.
Forward MCON and other Navy funded construction projects
documentation for which a base communications
requirements/design review is needed to the appropriate
NAVCOMTELCOM regional office.


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