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Documentation for construction projects in the Metropolitan
Washington, D.C. area that are served by Defense
Telecommunications Service-Washington (DTS-W) shall also be
forwarded to DTS-W for review.
For MCON funded projects:  design and contract for projects to
include cable and ducting to interface with the base backbone
cable distribution system, conduit, raceway, support structure,
base communication closets, switch/equipment rooms, feeder cable
(i.e., fiber and/or copper), and inside building distribution
cable (i.e., fiber and/or copper) to support base communication
systems.  When fiber optic feeder cable is to be installed,
ensure the appropriate fiber optic and channelization terminal
equipment is included in the contract.  If bare base, include
provisions for all base communications to include the telephone
switch and the base distribution backbone cable plant.
Insure cost of cabling is included in MCON projects.
For non-MCON funded projects:  design and contract for
construction projects to include all cable/hardware and
ancillary equipment that is requested and funded by the
Provide to NAVCOMTELCOM's appropriate regional office the
Project Engineering Phase and the 100% design plans for review
and comments to confirm appropriate space, conduit, ducts,
cabling, and electrical services for the base communications
systems have been provided in accordance with earlier
Have the appropriate public works office or cognizant
NAVFACENGCOM office approve all minor construction requirements
(i.e., see paragraph 4.h), validate offerors' proposals ensuring
compliance with all NAVFACENGCOM design standards, and act as a
consultant during actual construction.


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