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3.  Technical Guidance:  Provide corrosion protection measures on all new and
existing buried or submerged metallic utility systems and metallic waterfront
structures as described in enclosure (1).  The overall corrosion protection
system shall include cathodic protection systems, coatings, material
thickness incrementation, encasement, or other methods as required by
enclosure (1).  Consult with the NAVFAC Criteria Office, Code 15C, or the
cognizant EFD/EFA Corrosion Control Coordinator listed in enclosure (2) prior
to deviating from this guidance.
a.  Planning. Include CPS requirements as a separate line item in cost
estimates and planning documentation for the construction of new or the
repair/upgrade of existing metallic utility systems and metallic structures
described above.  Include CPS narratives and cost estimates on DD Form 1391
under supporting utilities.  Coordinate CPS requirements with the activity
corrosion control plan to establish and ensure compatibility with existing
systems.  The cognizant EFD Corrosion Control Coordinator can assist in
determining the system requirements.
b.  Design.  Navy engineers and architects in charge of design (AIC/EIC):
ensure that project designs include CPS where required and appropriate, and
comply with reference (d), enclosure (1) and other applicable Military
Handbooks and Design Manuals including specifications for CPS in NFGS-16641
or NFGS-16642 as applicable; refer to NFGS-16641 or NFGS-16642 as applicable
in specifications that reference CPS (e.g., NFGS-02682 and NFGS-02694); in
designs prepared for the Air Force, comply with the current Air Force CPS
Engineering Technical Letter (ETL) and coordinate with the Air Force Base
Corrosion Engineer.
c.  Construction.  The Navy Officer in Charge of Construction and
Resident Officer in Charge of Construction (OICC/ROICC): perform CPS
construction inspections and ensure as-built drawings provide locations of
all CPS equipment, test stations, insulating fittings, etc.; supervise the
acceptance tests of the CPS to ensure the tests comply with procedures
specified in the contract documents.  In the absence of a qualified CPS
inspector, obtain assistance from the EFD corrosion control coordinator, see
enclosure (2).
d.  Criteria.  The NAVFAC Criteria Office: coordinate the revision of the
following criteria to incorporate the CPS interim technical guidance:
Piers and Wharves
Dockside Utilities for Ship Service
General Criteria Waterfront Construction
Structural Engineering, General Requirements
Structural Engineering, Steel Structures


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