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MIL-HDBK-1003/8A, Exterior Distribution of Utility Steam, High
Temperature Water, Chilled Water, Natural Gas
MIL-HDBK-1004/10, Cathodic Protection
Design Manual 7.2, Foundations and Earth Structures
Design Manual 22, Petroleum Fuel Facility
NFGS-01730, Operation Maintenance Data
NFGS-02368, Rolled Steel Section Piles
NFGS-02366, Sheet Steel Piles
NFGS-02666, Exterior Water Distribution
NFGS-02661, Exterior Water Distribution Minor Construction
NFGS-02682C, Exterior Fuel Distribution
NFGS-02685, Gas Distribution System
NFGS-02694, Exterior Underground Heat System
NFGS-02697B, Exterior Buried Pumped Condensate Return
NFGS-02698, Exterior Buried Preinsulated Water Piping
NFGS-13209, Water Storage Tank
NFGS-13216, Underground Petroleum Tanks
NFGS-15486, Aviation Fuel Distribution and Dispensary
NFGS-15488, LP Compressed Air System
NFGS-15489, BP Compressed Air System
NFGS-15492, Fuel Gas Piping
NFGS-15511, Low Temperature Water
NFGS-16641, Cathodic Protection
NFGS-16643, Water Tanks
e.  Operation and Maintenance.  Perform maintenance according to
references (e) and (f), CPS Operation and Maintenance Support Information
(OMSI) Manuals and cognizant EFD requirements.
f.  Training.  The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE),
various academic institutions, and the various services offer CPS design and
inspection courses.  Contact the cognizant EFD Corrosion Control Coordinator
for recommended training courses.
5.  Points of Contact:  For additional information concerning design
criteria, please contact Mr. Charles Mandeville, P.E., Electrical Engineering
Criteria Manager, NAVFACENGCOM Code 15C, at DSN 564-9599 or commercial (804)
444-9599.  For additional information concerning maintenance criteria, please
contact Mr. Bruce Bell, NAVFACENGCOM, Code 1334, at DSN 221-0046 or
commercial (703) 325-0046.  The technical point of contact for


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