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purpose of identifying existing underground obstructions or unusual
conditions which should be identified in the plans and specifications.  As
part of the field investigation consult with engineering personnel at the
Activity Public Works Office or Staff Civil Engineer to review Activity
records in order to obtain the necessary information.  Submit a letter
report to the PDE at the completion of each field investigation trip.
6.5  COLOR RENDERINGS:  Color renderings shall have the matted overall
dimensions of 27 x 40 inches for major facilities and/or multiple building
projects and 20 x 30 inches for typical single building projects.  Mount
renderings under glare reducing acrylic plastic in a sturdy one inch
minimum flat top black metal or wood frame with dimensions of 28 x 41
inches for major facilities and/or multiple buildings projects and 21 x 31
inches for typical single building projects.  Provide two renderings for
Navy and Marine and three for Air Force projects. Also provide two 8 x 10
inch black and white photographs; one 4 x 5 inch color negative; one 16 x
20 inch ektachrome print; and one 2 x 2 inch color slide of the rendering.
Submit a perspective sketch of the proposed rendering to the PDE for
approval before the final rendering is started.  Renderings shall depict
the facility in the most advantageous view for clarity (normally a
three-quarter bird's-eye view).
NAVFAC Interior Design Program objectives, criteria and philosophy are set
forth in DM-14.1 "Interior Design" and NAVFAC Instruction 1101.120
"Interior Design".  Prior to the initiation of any work, consult/coordinate
with PACNAVFACENGCOM CAP401 and CAP50A3 on schedules and procurement
requirements.  Confirm if the Activity has an adequate collateral equipment
Scope of Work:
Interior design services consist of:
a.  Color selection and coordination of interior finishes, materials
and furnishings.
b.  Renderings and other presentation material as required to obtain
approval of items and colors.
Design or consultation on design of built-in furniture.
d.  Approval action of shop drawings or samples submitted by
e.  Supervision of installation and placement of furniture and
furnishings within the completed facility.
f.  Preparation of furniture placement plans.  Show rooms and/or areas
on 24 x 36 inch sheet.  Scale shall not be less than 1/8 inch = 1 foot.
Submit a reproducible with the completed final interior design package.
Use of computer graphics is encouraged.
g.  Furniture and Furnishings Procurement List:  List shall include a
cover sheet, a cost summary sheet, suppliers summary sheet, and furniture
specification list.  Include stock numbers, descriptions, quantities
prices, colors, finishes and fabrics for each item.  For items not
available from GSA catalogs or other mandatory sources, provide purchase
specifications, estimates and other supporting data.  Ensure items selected
will be available to meet beneficial occupancy dates.


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