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h.  Updates:  Update and/or make appropriate substitutions at time of
purchase.  Advisory services as required due to alterations in
Special Presentations:
As required by the contract.
6.6.2  Mandatory Procurement Sources:  The provisions of both the Federal
Property Management regulations, dealing with procurement from Multiple
Award Federal Supply Schedule Contracts, and NAVSUP Manual Vol. II, Ch. 2,
dealing with Sole Source Procurement, require that the preparer of the
collateral equipment final buy packages in conjunction with the end user
fully justify the procurement of other than the lowest delivered price item
which will satisfy the end use requirement.  Justification of purchases for
other than the lowest delivered price must be based on special or
definitive needs which are clearly associated with the achievement of
program objectives.  Complete justification for the requirement of higher
cost equipment or any proprietary item must accompany the collateral
equipment submittal.
Although the collateral equipment buy packages should be prepared in
accordance with these provisions, it is also important to assess the
quality of the equipment selected.  This is to ensure that what is procured
will satisfy the facility requirements in terms of not only low cost but in
durability and flexibility.  It is therefore important to describe the
salient characteristics of the desired equipment in order for the
Contracting Officer to understand the selections made.  It will also
expedite the manner of competition required when comparing like items in
terms of quality and function.


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