Quantcast Preliminary Furniture Layouts

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for utilities and points of discharge for culverts, blow off pipe, and
pressure relief piping.
Architectural:  Floor Plans:  Show complete functional layout, room designations,
major dimensions, critical dimensions, columns, and built-in equipment.
Show/indicate fire rated walls and ceilings with graphic illustrations such
as hatching or shading.  Elevations:  Show openings, type and extent of building finishes,
finished floor elevations, and finish grade at building.  Sections:  Show relationship of various levels, floor-to-floor
heights, typical wall sections, floor and roof framing, construction
systems, materials, and basic details of any unusual features of
Finish Schedule:
Show proposed finishes.
Area Tabulation:
Show the net areas (square footage) for spaces.
b.  Show the gross building area by floors and total building.
Delineate areas computed with small scale single line dimensioned drawings.
c.  Justification for deviation from areas or requirements contained
in criteria or program, or deviation from approved concept drawings.  Preliminary Furniture Layouts:  Show that adequate wall space,
circulation area, etc., are provided to accommodate the intended use of the
space as follows:
a.  Spaces requiring specific accommodations (example - 200 seat
assembly room).
b.  Typical Bachelor Quarters (BQ) bedroom, showing location of
wardrobes, and providing optional single and double bunking plans.
c.  Major spaces with multi-purpose use requirements which will
require significantly different furniture arrangements for different uses.
d.  Where building design will dictate special design furniture,
schematic details sufficient to define nature and extent of special items
should be included.  This applies whether special design furniture items
will be included in plans and specifications or procured as collateral
e.  Repetitive spaces which form a major component of the design.
(Show typical layout for BQ bedrooms, school classroom, etc.)  Embedment of Aluminum in Concrete:  Do not embed aluminum conduit,
pipe, bars, anchors, flashing, or other aluminum items in concrete.
Structural:  Structural Systems:  Show the type of structural system and kind
of materials to be used.  Include:


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