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shelving, type of fork lifts, type of automated storage system, etc.) shall
be shown on FPM drawings.
e.  If fire rated walls and ceilings are required, highlight with
cross-hatching or heavy lines and refer back to architectural or
engineering drawings.
Electrical:  Power Source:
Show a power one-line diagram for proposed power
sources.  Connection Point:
Show connection points for power, telephone,
T.V., etc.
Show location, size, and capacities of transformers.
7.3  100% DRAWINGS:  100% Drawings shall be complete and clear enough for a
contractor to prepare a realistic bid estimate.  The following
procedure/situations will not be acceptable:
a.  Submission of nearly complete set of drawings, with the intention
to complete them during the Government review.
b.  Submission of a unchecked set of drawings.  Checking is an A-E
responsibility and must be done prior to the 100% submission.  Common
discrepancies are:
(1) Incomplete or incorrect numbering of drawings.
(2) Missing professional registration stamps.
(3) Missing essential cross-referencing targets.
(4) Incomplete or missing details which were referred to by other
(5) Missing dimensions or details critical to locate or detail a
discipline specific component.  An example would be the structural
dimension required to locate special beams/columns required to support a
unique architectural component.
(6) Discrepancies between disciplines.
(7) Differences in dimensions on different sheets for the same
item of construction.
(8) Illegible dimensions and details.
7.3.1  Survey Control:  Complete horizontal and vertical survey control,
identifiable on the ground with sufficient ties to the new construction to
permit stake out.  Except for small projects, provide a minimum of two
bench marks.  These must be in such locations as to insure that their
elevations will remain unchanged during the construction period.  Drawings
must show bench mark descriptions, elevations, and datum.  Do not use
assumed data except as approved by the PDE.
7.3.2  Profiles:  In addition to profiles normally required for roads,
runways, taxiways and gravity pipelines, show profiles for pressure


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