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3) Route the new drawing for new formal approval signatures.
Signatures shall be made by the current approval authorities and with
current dates.  Attach a print of the original drawing being superseded for
4) After receipt of approvals on the new original drawing, destroy
the past original drawing including half-size vellum copies to prevent
7.15  INDEX OF DRAWINGS:  Provide an Index of Drawings on the cover/title
sheet of the drawings.  If the Index to Drawings for a set of drawings
separately identifies architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical
drawings, then also identify civil engineering drawings separately.  These
include those showing surveys, demolition, grading, drainage, paving, water
supply, sewerage, erosion control, landscaping, and irrigation sprinkler
7.16  ARRANGEMENT OF DRAWINGS:  Arrange drawings in the order listed below.
A cover sheet with large lettering of only the title and location of the
project is not required or desired.
a.  Title Sheet and index of drawings (applicable only for large
projects containing a number of drawings of each discipline).
b.  Plot plan, vicinity map, and drawing list (including civil and
utility plans).  This sheet should include index of drawings for small
c.  Civil engineering drawings, including topographic survey, survey
control, demolition, grading, drainage, paving, water supply, sewerage, and
erosion control.
Landscape and irrigation (sprinkler system) drawings.
Architectural drawings (including interior design).
Structural drawings.
Mechanical drawings.
Electrical drawings.
Communications drawings.
Fire protection drawings.
Environmental drawings.
Show new work by heavy lines and existing
features by light lines.
7.18  DELINEATION OF BID ITEMS:  On the drawing title sheet, include a
written description of each bid item included in the project, starting with
Bid Item 1.  On each of the sheets that has a bid item identified, also
include a written description of the work associated with the bid item
shown on that sheet.  Refer to Appendix R for a sample of bid items
depicted on the drawing title sheet and drawing sheet.


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