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Custom Search  Cross-Referencing to Other Sections:  Avoid cross-referencing to
other sections in the text of a specification.  Cross-referencing only to
clarify the relationship of the requirements within or between specification
sections and to avoid inconsistencies or repetition.  Include the section
number and title when cross-referencing, e.g., "Section 09900, Paints and
Coatings."  Cross-Referencing to Articles and Paragraphs:  Avoid
cross-referencing to articles or paragraphs within a specification.  When
unavoidable, use the following wording (in this context, use the word
"paragraph" for articles and paragraphs):  ". . . the paragraph entitled
'(title of paragraph)'."  Never refer to the article or paragraph by number;
use the title only.  Avoid repetition of article or paragraph titles within a
8.1.7  Unrestricted Bidding:  Specifications for procurement shall state only
the actual minimum needs of the Government and describe the materials and
installation in a manner that will encourage maximum free competition in
bidding.  Eliminate, insofar as possible, any restrictive features that might
limit acceptable offers to one supplier's product or the products of a
relatively few suppliers.
8.1.8  Proprietary Specifications:  Do not use restrictive or proprietary
requirements unless it is established conclusively that no substitute will
serve the purpose and approval is granted by the contracts office.  If a
situation arises in which only a single product will perform the required
function, promptly submit a request with justification.  If such
authorization is granted, the item should be specified by manufacturer's name
and catalog number, followed by, "Notwithstanding any other provision of this
contract, no other product will be accepted."  This statement is necessary to
override the contract clauses that permit substitution of any supposedly
equal product.  The A-E shall submit the following information, in writing, to the
PDE for authority to include proprietary specifications in a construction
a.  Manufacturer, model number, address of manufacturer, cost of the
proprietary item, each, and total in the project.
Total cost of the project.
Justification for the proprietary item:
State the salient characteristics required.
(2)  State laws, regulations, or Navy instructions requiring the
necessary salient characteristics.
State reasons of commerical availability.
State reasons why other available products cannot be used.
State any other reasons for proprietary requirements.
Do not use life-cycle cost to justify a proprietary
specification since it is not acceptable to COMNAVFACENGCOM.


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