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restriction.  Except in rare cases, the experience requirements shall not be
so restrictive as to limit participation to one firm.  Maximum competition is
paramount.  Warranty Clauses:  When the one-year warranty contained in the
contract clauses is considered inadequate for certain items of work, the
terms should be modified in the specification to provide for a longer
warranty period.  Include warranties which pertain to the quality and
performance of materials, composites, equipment, and finished construction
(beyond that specified in the contract clauses).  Do not use the term
"guaranty" in lieu of "warranty."  Usually there are no warranty provisions
in supply contracts and these must be included when necessary.  The A-E shall
verify warranties given in commercial practice and include those in
procurement specifications written to support the project.
8.2  AVAILABLE SPECIFICATIONS:  In compliance with Department of Defense's
(DOD) Specifications and Standards Reform Program, NAVFAC is participating in
the move towards the use of commercial specifications (AIA, CSI, etc.) and
standards for replacement of military specifications and standards, where
practicable. The primary basis for developing project specifications shall be
the NFGS. NAVFACENGCOM Guide Specifications (NFGS) and other specifications
and standards are listed in MIL-HDBK-1000/1 (formerly Military Bulletin 34,
Engineering and Design Criteria for Navy Facilities). Primary source:
Construction Criteria Base (CCB), a compact disc system (CD-ROM) available
from the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). See paragraph 5.2
with SGML, an advance specifications processing system, is also available in
CCB.  Secondary source: DODSSP/DSP (see address below under "DOD").
Suggestions for improvement of NFGSs can be submitted to:
Pearl Harbor HI  96860-3134
Ordering of Department of Defense (DOD) (Military Handbooks, Military and
Federal Specifications/Standards):  As of 1 Oct 96, non-DOD orderers of
documents from DOD Single Stock Point (DODSSP) will pay by the page.  Credit
card accounts can be established by phone (215) 697-2667.  After the account
is established (for non-DOD) and DOD addressees, there will be three ways to
(1) web page http://www.dodssp.daps.mil
(2) fax (215) 697-1462, with a credit card no. included
(3) mail: DSP/Standardization Order Desk, Bldg. 4D, 700 Robbins Ave.,
Philadelphia, PA  19111-5094
Note:  Non-DOD orderer must include a check, money order, or established
credit card number/expiration date.  Internet ordering will be by credit
card.  Hint:  Request for "Priority Mail" service.  Emphasize that "First
Class Mail" to Hawaii is too slow.
8.2.1  NFGS:  These specifications include metric (SI) and inch-pound (I-P)
units, and define and establish minimum criteria for construction, materials,
and workmanship.  They were developed with medium to large new projects in
mind; mandatory for use in preparing project specifications.


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