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b.  Drop the instrument identification "C."  For example, a construction
contract numbered N62742-96-C-0011 for PACNAVFACENGCOM would contain a
specification identified as Specification No. 40960011.
8.6  PAGE LAYOUT:  A sample of a project specification page layout is shown
in Appendix T.  The sample shows the beginning, Part 1, subpart (paragraph)
numbering, titles, specification number (without hyphens), and specification
and page number locations.  Each page shall have a minimum 1-inch wide left
margin for part and subpart numbers and 1 1/4-inch wide left margin for text,
a 5/8-inch margin at the top (fourth line) with a running header on each
page, a 1-inch right margin, and a 5/8-inch margin at the bottom of the page
(with the section number and the page number centered horizontally on
Line 66.  The last line of text should be on Line 60, approximately
1 5/8-inch from the bottom of the page.
8.7.1  Section Numbering and Titling:  On the first page of each section
capitalize and center the top center the word "SECTION" with the
corresponding five-digit section number.  Capitalized and center the section
title directly beneath the section number heading.
8.7.2  Part and Subpart Numbering:  The text of the section begins with Part
1, General, and the first subpart, numbered 1.1.  Subsequent subparts are
consecutively numbered 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2,,, etc.  Generally, subparts should be established only when there are
to be two or more, e.g., 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc., or,,,
8.7.3  Footing and Paging:  On each page, capitalize and center the section
number with the chronological page number of that section 5/8 inch from the
bottom of the page.  Two lines below the last paragraph of each section, and
six spaces from the left margin, type the phrase "-- End of Section --" in
upper and lower case letters.
8.7.4  Header:  On each page include the title of the job in caps, flush left
with the contract number ending at right margin 77.
8.7.5  Section Arrangement:  Arrange each technical section in the
Construction Specification Institute (CSI) three-part section format.  The
first part, "General", includes requirements of a general nature.  The second
part, "Products", addresses the products or quality of materials and
equipment to be incorporated into the work.  The third part, "Execution",
provides detailed requirements for performance of the work.
a.  For sections that provide options for either factory or field
fabrication of components and systems, Part 1 would be General and Parts 2
and 3 would combine Products and Execution.  Examples of this might be
sections covering miscellaneous metal or mechanical work such as
refrigeration equipment.
b.  For sections that do not involve any work on the site by the
Contractor, Part 1 would be General and Part 2, Products.  Example of this
could be a section such as Free Standing Space Dividers when the Contractor
furnishes the items but doesn't install them.


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