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c.  For sections that involve labor only, Part 1 would be General and
Part 3, Execution.  List Part 2, Products, and the statement "None required."
Examples could be a section clearing and grubbing or stripping of top soil.
8.8  SKETCHES:  Avoid using sketches in the specifications especially prior
to award.  However, when sketches are necessary, draw on sheets that match
the specification's page size and place at the end of the section referenced.
The page area used for the sketch (including the title) shall be the same
window size as that for a project specification.  Use the same numbering and
identification data as required for typed pages and cross-reference in the
technical paragraphs.  Refer to Appendix U for a sample sketch sheet.
Sketches must have EFD approval prior to inclusion in specifications.  Sketch
changes should be incorporated in the as-built drawings.
8.9  PRIORITY OF REFERENCE SPECIFICATIONS:  When goods and services are
procured using reference documents, observe the following order of priority
in referencing established by FAR:
a.  Commercial standards and specifications satisfactory to the
functional requirement Government.
b.  Federal specifications (exclusive of military) where the requirement
cannot be satisfied using commercial standards.
c.  Military specifications, when commercial or Federal specifications
do not exist or if commercial or Federal specifications do not satisfy the
functional requirement of the Government.
Brand name or equal.
Proprietary specifications.
8.10  GENERAL RULES FOR REFERENCES:  Certain kinds of specifications form
basic references for project specifications, while others are used merely in
the preparation of manuscripts.  Specific applications are indicated in the
paragraphs below.  The "References" paragraph (article) may be 1.1 or 1.2,
whether or not there are reference documents.  If there are no references,
the text following "References" is:  "Not Used."  When specifications are
referenced, the following rules apply:
Begin the paragraph (article) as follows:
"The publications listed below form a part of this
specification to the extent referenced.  The publications
are referred to in the text by the basic designation only."
b.  List only those publications referred to in the technical paragraphs
of the section.  Delete publications not referenced.  Identify each
referenced publication in the order of its alphanumeric designation.  Show
the alphanumeric designation in a left-hand column; show the title in a
right-hand column preceded by the document date and revision letter and
amendment number, where appropriate.  Apply the following guidelines:
(1) Precisely follow the wording of the reference document, except
words such as "Practice for," "Specification for," etc., are not included in
the listing of the title of reference documents.


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