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8.11  LANGUAGE:  Guide specifications shall be clear, correct, complete, and
concise and shall adhere to the style promulgated by the CSI Manual of
Practice on specification language.
Description of Work:
The work consists of . . . .
The work includes . . . .
8.11.2  Imperative Mood:  Where possible, use the imperative mood in lieu of
the indicative mood, passive voice.  For example:
Piping and tubing shall be cut to required measurements.
Cut piping and tubing to required measurements.
Omit articles, i.e., "the", "a", and "an", where possible.
8.11.4  Subject/Verb Agreement:  The subject and the verb must agree in
number.  Use singular verbs with singular subjects and plural verbs with
plural subject.  An error in number is easily made when a sentence is
unnecessarily long and complicated.  The singular subject of a sentence can
be confused with a modifier that is plural.  The subject of a sentence cannot
be contained within a prepositional phrase.  The wording of many sentences is
such that the object of a preposition may be mistaken for the subject of the
WRONG:  One of the elongated central fasteners are to be placed around
the eye of the panel and bolted.
Bolt one elongated central fastener to panel.
The incorrect example uses a singular subject with a plural verb, is
written in the indicative mood, and unnecessarily includes articles.  The
correct example has proper subject/verb agreement, is written in the
imperative mood, and deletes the unnecessary articles.
Strong Verbs:
Use strong verbs, not weak nouns.
Make determination of pump replacement costs.
Determine pump replacement costs.
8.11.6  Parallel Construction:  Good grammar requires the use of identical
style in both parts of a compound subject or predicate.  Use an identical
style in a series of nouns, adverbs, prepositionnal phrases.
Perform tests to determine strength and establishing quality.
Perform tests to determine strength and establish quality.
Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
8.11.7  Prepositional Phrases:  Sentences may be shortened by using modifiers
in lieu of prepositional phrases.


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