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8.11.8  Repetition:  Reduce repetition of the subject by combining sentences,
but avoid complicated compound sentences and stilted phraseology.
8.11.9  Listing Multiple Requirements:  List multiple requirements in lieu of
writing long sentences requiring extensive punctuation.  List the
requirements alphabetically (lowercase letter followed by a period).  If a
sublisting within a listing is required, list the requirements in the
sublisting numerically (number enclosed in parentheses).  Capitalize the
first word in each listing, place a space between each listing and
sublisting, and insert a period after the last listing.  Adhere to the
following format:
(First requirement),"
(Second requirement),"
(First subrequirement under second requirement),"
(Second subrequirement under second requirement),"
(Third requirement)."
Where a series of words or very short phrases are listed, do not follow
the listing with punctuation (except for the last listing).
Where a series of long phrases are listed, follow the listing, except
the last one, with a semicolon.  After the next to last listing, insert a
semicolon, followed by the word "and" or "or."  Insert a period after the
last listing.
Where a series of sentences are listed, end each listing with a period.
If a sentence is listed in a series that otherwise consists of phrases,
follow each each listing with a period.
8.11.10  Pronouns:
Avoid using pronouns.
Repeat the noun to avoid
Contract Clause and Division 1 Requirements:
Do not use phrases such
At no expense to the Government.
At the expense of the Contractor.
c.  Tests and inspections shall be conducted in the presence of the
Contracting Officer.
The Contracting Officer reserves the right.
Specify Contractor requirements only.  Technical sections are not to be
used to instruct the Contracting Officer or to emphasize particular contract
clause and Division 1 requirements.  Repetition of contract clause and
Division 1 requirements in a specification risks adversely affecting those


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