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Installed in a neat and workmanlike manner
Intended purpose
8.12.4  Limitation:  When limitation is required, use either "not greater
than" or "maximum" or "not less than" or "minimum" to express degrees of
8.13.1  Misused Words:  Misused words lead to misinterpretation and can
result in litigation.  If in doubt, refer to a dictionary, preferable
unabridged, or a dictionary of construction terms for proper usage.  Do not
use slang or undefined terms.  Review the following list of misused words.
"Amount" and "Quantity"
Use" amount" when writing about money.
Use "quantity" when writing about number,
linear measure, area, and volume.
"Any" and "All"
"Any" can mean a limited number selected
at the discretion of the Contractor.  In
specification writing, "all" is implied,
unless stated otherwise.  Avoid using
"any" and "all."
"And," "Or," and "And/Or"
"And" joins elements of equal grammatical
value or of contrasting characteristics.
"And" may also mean plus or added to the
preceding quantity.  "Or" is used to
introduce possibilities in a series.  Do
not use "and/or."
"Balance" and "Remainder"
"Balance" refers to money. "Remainder" is
"that which is left over."
"Either" and "Both"
"Either" implies a choice between two
options.  Do not use "either" when the
intent is "both."
"Flammable" and "Inflammable"
These words are synonymous.  However, use
"flammable" in lieu of "inflammable."
"Furnish", "Install", and
"Furnish" is to acquire and deliver.
"Furnish" does not imply "install."
"Install" is to place in position for
service or use.  "Install" does not imply
"furnish."  "Provide" is to "furnish" and
"install" when defined as such in the
"Insure", "Assure", and
"Insure" is to issue or procure an
insurance policy.  "Assure" is to give
confidence of convince.  "Ensure" is to
make certain.  In most cases, use
"ensure" when referring to actions of the


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