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f.  Designation of Bid Items.  Clearly indicate on the drawings the Bid
Item(s) associated with their respective drawing and a written description,
except for Bid Item 1.  On the Project Title Sheet, describe all of the Bid
Items as provided on the Project Information Form Required for 100% and Final
Submittals (See Attachment at the end of this Section.)
Bidding Information:
Submit at the 100% and Final submissions.
8.27.4  Unit Price Bid Items:  Use for dredging, earthwork, pile driving,
repairs, etc. where the exact quantities of work and materials cannot be
practically determined prior to performance.  A quantity to be used for
evaluation of bids must be stated for each item.  This quantity must be the
best possible estimate of the amount that actually will be required.  The
specification shall state that the unit price will be used to adjust the
contract price for any increase or decrease in quantities, subject to the
provisions of the variation in quantities clause, Contract Clause FAR
52.212-11, "Variation in Estimated Quantity", Appendix V.  Payments are made
only for actual units performed.  If necessary, adjustment in unit prices are
negotiated for units exceeding the authorized variations.
a.  Combined unit price bids may be used where construction involves
pile driving, dredging, etc.  In this case, bids shall be:
#1 (a) Price for all work except dredging
#1 (b) Price per yard for dredging 50,000 yards:
/yd x 50,000
Total price Item #1 =
Specifications providing for unit price bids shall include a
provision stating:  "In the event there is a difference between a unit price
and the extended total, the unit price will be held to be the intended bid
and the total recomputed accordingly.  If a bidder provides a total but fails
to enter a unit price, the total divided by the specified quantity will be
held to be the intended unit price."  Submit at the 100% and Final
8.28  CONTRACT CHANGES:  Revisions to drawings and specifications generally
correct errors or omissions; change quality of material/equipment;
increase/decrease scope of work; and make administrative changes.  Submit
changes on 8 1/2 x 11-inch bond paper with one copy.  Prior to initiating any
amendments, contact the PDE for guidance/directives.
8.28.1  Amendment before Award:  Changes made prior to award of the
construction contract.  Unless directed otherwise, the Government will assign
numbers; therefore, type in only "Amendment No. 000  ."  See Appendix U.
8.28.2  Amendment after Award:  Changes made after award of the construction
contract.  Unless directed otherwise, the Government will assign numbers;
therefore, type in only "Amendment No.
."  (After award leave blank No.
"1").  See Appendix U.
Cost Estimate:
Submit as required by Section 9, Cost Engineering.
8.28.4  Quality and Time:  Besides the cost estimate, submit with amendments
before award a statement addressing the effect each amendment has on the
quality of material/equipment/work and the contract completion time.


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