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Aliens allowed access?
[_] Yes
[_] No
Under the performance of this contract, will the contractor require
access to classified material?  [_] Yes  [_] No
Proprietary specifications included in Section _______.  Justification
and Approval completed.  [_] Yes  [_] No  (If yes, following statement
included in technical specifications:  "Notwithstanding any other
provision of this contract, no other product will be acceptable."
(Ref:  P-68, para. 10.006-100.)
Brand Name or Equal (BNE)
DFARS 252.211-7003, Brand Name or Equal (DEC 1991); FAR 52.214-21,
Descriptive Literature; FAR 11.103, Market Acceptance; FAR 11.104,
Items Peculiar to One Manufacturer; FAR 6.303, Justifications:
Contract includes "Or Equal" statement.  [_] Yes  [_] No (If Yes,
submit salient characteristics and written JUSTIFICATION for the "Or
Equal" specifications.)
Product General Description with Salient Characteristics (But Not
Brand Name or Equal)
Contract includes product names with model numbers.
[_] Yes [_] No
If Yes:  (1) Salient characteristics are listed in sufficient detail
but are not restrictive to one product to determine acceptability of
unlisted products, (2) the following statement is included in the
appropriate technical specifications:  "Product names and model
numbers are included for reference only.  Products of other
manufacturers are acceptable if the product conforms to specified
requirements.", and (3) complete the following:
Sections and paragraph numbers:
Drawing numbers:
FAR 52.211-10, Commencement, Prosecution, and Completion of Work and
Alternate I (APR 1984)
Number of calendar days for contract completion time: _____
Specific calendar date when project must be complete: _____
which is based on the Contractor receiving the Notice to
Proceed by a specific calendar date:  _____  (Use only with
specific approval from Contracting Officer.)
FAR 52.211-12, Liquidated Damages -- Construction (APR 1984)
Does this contract require adjustment of LD's for phasing, family
housing, bachelor housing, storage space, or office space?
[_] Yes  [_] No
In accordance with P-68, 12.202(2), if multiple completion dates are
specified, provide LDs for each date. If multiple deliverables are


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