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assumed bid opening date will be 1 April 1999)  For construction cost
estimates other than budget estimates, use an escalation rate that is
considered to be applicable at the time of bid opening.
9.3.13  Bid Items:  The project should result in a usable facility that
conforms to the scope of work outlined in the "Statement of Work" and which
can be constructed within the funds available.  When a project has an
estimate cost in excess of 90% of the funds available, additive bid items
should be considered and the PDE notified.  The first additive bid item
should be in the range of 5-10% of the funds available for construction.
Other additive bid items should be in the range of 3-5%.  The number of
additive bid items should generally be limited to three.  However, prudent
practice should limit this to two additive bid items in most cases.  Each
bid item must be independent so that award can be made on any combination
of additive bid items and base bid.  Bid items shall not reduce the project
scope unless approval to do so is obtained.  If any bid item consists of
more than one system, then a separate estimate shall be prepared for that
bid item.
9.4.1  Basis of Estimate:  Provide a narrative on the factors and sources
of cost data used in developing the estimate.  Include quotes from
suppliers and manufacturers with their name, telephone number and date of
quote.  Due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), projects
$6.5 million or more may include Mexican and Canadian products and
equipment.  Address the impact on the cost if Mexican or Canadian products
and equipment are supplied.  A sample is included as Exhibit D.
9.4.2  DD 1391 PLUS Submission:  Prepare utilizing the Revised Team DD 1391
PLUS/PCE Form.  Since no design has been developed, careful attention
should be exercised to insure all major elements are properly considered
and evaluated.  Prepare the DD 1391 PLUS cost estimate based on the best
cost information available or the latest DOD Guidance Costs and Area Cost
Factors (when applicable) supplemented with additional costs (when
required) considered as not included in the guidance costs.  Provide backup
cost data for the Supporting Facilities costs.  An example of a DD 1391
PLUS is included as Exhibit F.  This example is for the basic format only.
Blocks 10, 11, and 12 will be completed based on the project specific
9.4.3  Parametric Cost Estimate (PCE) Submission:  Prepare utilizing the
Team DD 1391 PLUS document as a starting point.  The PCE document basically
follows the same format as the Team DD 1391 PLUS except for the addition of
the following information to the PCE document:
A. Estimated Design Data:
1.  Status:
(A) Date Design Start
(B) Date Design 35% Complete
(C) Date Design Completed
(D) Percent Completed as of __________
(E) Percent Completed as of __________
1.  Basis:
(B) Standard or Definitive Design:
(C) Where Design Was Most Recently Used:
Total Cost (C) = (A) + (B) or (D) + (E):
(C) Production of Plans and Specifications
(D) All Other Design Costs


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