Quantcast Section 10. Special Requirements for Overseas Work

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10.1  GENERAL:  Special requirements applicable to overseas work are
described in the following paragraphs.  The A-E shall be responsible for
investigating these special requirements, and if applicable, incorporating
them into the plans and specifications, and for making the project fully
compatible with local conditions and regulations.
10.2  SOURCES OF INFORMATION:  The A-E shall verify the information
received and shall be responsible for its use in the project.
10.2.1  PDE and PACNAVFACENGCOM Consultants:  The PDE or the
PACNAVFACENGCOM consultants listed elsewhere in this guide will furnish on
a loan basis materials available at PACNAVFACENGCOM.
10.2.2  OICC, OIC/OICC DET, and ROICC:  Consult with the OICC Marianas,
and ROICC Pearl Harbor, and ROICC staffs to obtain local as well as other
pertinent information needed for the project.  Obtain the latest special
general clauses/requirements applicable to the local area from the
10.2.3  Local Organizations and Agencies:  Various local organizations,
such as vendors, contractors, supply houses and local government agencies
have valuable data.  Make contacts only for the purpose of obtaining data.
Do not reveal details of the project or even the project itself without
first obtaining clearance and a release in writing from the
10.3  SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Investigate and include in the Basis of
Design, plans and specifications, as applicable.
10.3.1  Local Materials:  Use local materials such as native timber and
local aggregates, if appropriate.  Make an economic comparison to determine
whether imported or local materials should be specified where a choice is
possible.  Local materials should be used with the PDE's concurrence.  NFGS
guide specifications may not include materials available in overseas areas.
10.3.2  Local Construction Methods and Equipment:  Where a selection of
material will determine the method of construction or require specialized
equipment, conduct an investigation of the availability of such capability
or equipment and use the material/method/equipment combination which will
result in the lowest construction cost meeting criteria for the project.
10.3.3  Local Criteria:  Use local criteria, if more stringent than
Navy/Air Force criteria.  When the criteria normally used for U.S. projects
are totally inappropriate for the local projects obtain a waiver from the
PDE prior to the use of local criteria.
10.3.4  Local Labor:  When specialized work is required, investigate if the
local labor force is capable of performing the work.  If the local labor
force is not capable of doing the work, and a simpler construction method
is not possible, consult the PDE.
10.3.5  Availability of Transportation:  Investigate if an appreciable
amount of the materials and equipment are to be imported and ensure the
contract completion time reflects this.


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