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10.3.6  Entry Pass Requirements:  Include local contractor entry pass
requirements in the specification.  If a particular citizenship is required
for passes, so state in the specifications.
10.3.7  Cost Engineering:
Obtain data from the OICC and local construction
10.3.8  Rainfall Data:  Obtain rainfall data from the local Government
agencies and use the data for recommending the best time for award of the
contract and time for completion.  In many areas, construction is
impossible for many months of the year due to heavy rainfall.
10.3.9  Local Mensuration System/Metric Policy:  Use local mensuration
system unless directed otherwise by the PDE.  Use metric (SI) units for
Bahrain, Australia, and New Zealand projects.  For other areas, contact the
local OICC/OIC/OICC DET/ROICC staff.  Executive Order 12770 of July 25,
1991, "Metric Usage in Federal Government Programs" directed federal
agencies involved in construction to, among other things, increase their
understanding of metrication in preparation to procure facilities using
metric standards when economically feasible.  January 1, 1994, is the
target date set by agency representatives, although some agencies may not
meet this date.  Locally, there will be some projects using metrics.
Copies of PACNAVFACENGCOM's "Metric Guide for Contract Document
Preparation" are available from CAP406.  Available in CCB:  NAVFAC
Metrication Conversion Policy, the NIBS Metric Guide for Federal
Construction, NIBS Metric in Construction Newsletters, GSA Master Specs
(metric version), and NAVFAC guide specs (Metric version).  Metric (SI)
units conversions are included in Appendix W.
10.4  MEETING TO DISCUSS ABOVE INFORMATION:  After obtaining and verifying
the above information, meet with the PDE to review the information and
obtain his concurrence on its use in the basis of design, drawings and
specifications.  In addition, discuss the following which pertain to the
design and PCAS work.
10.4.1  Design Submittal Review:  These reviews will normally be held at
the OICC.  Special requirements and timing for making the submittals will
be discussed.
10.4.2  Post Construction Award Services (PCAS):  See description of work
elsewhere in this guide.  Recommend the level of PCAS effort required based
on the complexity of the project in relation to the expertise/manpower
available in the OICC/ROICC offices.
10.4.3  Submittals for Review:  Discuss with the PDE the process for
submission, stamping of submittals, return of submittals, and the contacts
required with the OICC/ROICC during construction.
10.5  DEFENSE BASE ACT (DBA) INSURANCE:  DBA insurance requirements apply
to U.S. contractor employees engaged in work outside the United States;
such as, Wake Island, Johnston Island, American Samoa, Japan, Singapore,
and Thailand.  The DBA applies to the injury or death of any employee
engaged in employment in those areas mentioned above.


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