Quantcast Notification of Ownership Changes

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(iii) A General Services Administration Federal Supply Schedule contract, if use is
authorized by the Contracting Officer (see Subpart 51.1);
(3) Promptly upon award of any subcontract or order that involves a major helium requirement,
the Contractor shall provide to the Bureau of Land Management, and to the Contracting
Officer, written notification that includes --
(i) The prime contract number;
(ii) The name, address and telephone number of the subcontractor, including a point of
contact; and
(iii) A copy of the subcontractor's helium requirement forecast.
(c) Subcontracts --
(1) The Contractor shall insert this clause, including this paragraph (c), in any subcontract or order
that involves furnishing of a major helium requirement.
(2) When a subcontract involves a major helium requirement, the following statement shall be
included: Helium furnished under this contract or order shall be helium that has been purchased
from the Bureau of Land Management, or a listed Bureau helium distributor.
(End of Clause)
(a) The Contractor shall make the following notifications in writing:
(1) When the Contractor becomes aware that a change in its ownership has occurred, or is certain
to occur, that could result in changes in the valuation of its capitalized assets in the accounting
records, the Contractor shall notify the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) within 30 days.
(2) The Contractor shall also notify the ACO within 30 days whenever changes to asset valuations
or any other cost changes have occurred or are certain to occur as a result of a change in
(b) The Contractor shall --
(1) Maintain current, accurate, and complete inventory records of assets and their costs;
(2) Provide the ACO or designated representative ready access to the records upon request;
(3) Ensure that all individual and grouped assets, their capitalized values, accumulated
depreciation or amortization, and remaining useful lives are identified accurately before and after
each of the Contractor's ownership changes; and
(4) Retain and continue to maintain depreciation and amortization schedules based on the asset
records maintained before each Contractor ownership change.
JUNE 1999


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