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In no event shall any understanding or agreement between the Contractor and any Government
employee other than the Contracting Officer on any contract, modification, change order, letter or
verbal direction to the Contractor be effective or binding upon the Government. All such actions must
be formalized by a proper contractual document executed by an appointed Contracting Officer. The
Contractor is hereby put on notice that in the event a Government employee other than the
Contracting Officer directs a change in the work to be performed or increases the scope of the work to
be performed, it is the Contractor's responsibility to make inquiry of the Contracting Officer before
making the deviation. Payments will not be made without being authorized by an appointed
Contracting Officer with the legal authority to bind the Government.
(End of clause)
(JUN 1994)
(a) The restrictions described herein shall apply to the Contractor and its affiliates, consultants and
subcontracts under this contract. If the Contractor under this contract prepares or assists in preparing
a statement of work, specifications and plans, the Contractor and its affiliates shall be ineligible to bid
or participate, in any capacity, in any contractual effort which is based on such statement of work or
specifications and plans as a prime contractor, subcontractor, consultant or in any similar capacity.
The Contractor shall not incorporate its products or services in such statement of work or specification
unless so directed in writing by the Contracting Officer, in which case the restriction shall not apply.
This contract shall include this clause in its subcontractor's or consultants' agreements concerning the
performance of this contract.
(b) Some remedial action may be performed by the Architect-Engineer contractor in order to prevent
continued contamination which immediately endangers population or property.
(c) The contractor shall provide a statement with his bid or proposal which concisely describes all
relevant facts concerning any past, present, or currently planned interest (financial, contractual,
organizational, or otherwise) relating to the work to be performed hereunder. The contractor warrants
that, to the best of the Contractor's knowledge and belief, there are no relevant facts or circumstances
which could give rise to an organizational conflict of interest, as defined in FAR Subpart 9.5, or that
the Contractor has disclosed all such relevant information prior to award. If a potential conflict is
discovered after award, the Contractor shall make a full disclosure in writing to the Contracting Officer.
The disclosure shall include a description of action which the Contractor proposes to take, after
consultation with the Contracting Officer, to avoid, mitigate, or neutralize the conflict of interest.
(d) In addition, the Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer, in writing, of its intention to compete
for, or accept the award of any contract for similar or related work for any Department of Defense,
other Agency of the federal government, or state regulatory agency which may involve Navy sites.
Such notification shall be made before the Contractor either competes for or accepts any such
JUNE 1999


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