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not achievable, the services for that specific order shall be deemed excluded from the scope of this
contract and the Government shall be under no obligation to establish a task order or provide for any
(c) The Architect-Engineer shall complete all services required pursuant to each resultant task order in
accordance with the scope of work, design criteria and schedule of submissions set forth herein. The
standard terms and conditions of this basic contract shall take precedence.
(End of clause)
5252.216-9302 INDEFINITE QUANTITY (JUN 1994)
This is an indefinite-quantity contract for the services specified, and effective for the period stated
Delivery or performance shall be made only as authorized by orders issued in accordance with
the Ordering clause. The Contractor shall furnish to the Government, when and if ordered, the
services specified in the Schedule up to and including the "maximum" fee total designated previously.
There is no limit on the number of orders that may be issued subject only to the maximum annual
value of the contract.
Any order issued during the effective period of this contract and not completed within that period
shall be completed by the Contractor within the time specified in the order. The contract shall govern
the Contractor's and Government's rights and obligations with respect to that order to the same extent
as if the order were completed during the contract's effective period.
(End of clause)
(OCT 1996)
To order work under the contract, the Contracting Officer will provide the Contractor a scope of
work detailing the Government's requirements and request a cost proposal for the proposed work.
The Contractor shall respond with a proposal in an expeditious manner, but in no event later than
directed in the request for proposal.
Price Breakdown. The Contractor shall provide a price breakdown for all proposals, itemized,
as directed by the Contracting Officer. Unless otherwise directed, the breakdown shall be in sufficient
detail to permit an analysis of all materials, labor, equipment, subcontract, and overhead costs, as
well as profit, and shall cover all work involved in the scope of work. Any amount claimed for
subcontractors shall be supported by a similar breakdown.
Negotiations. In the event there are differences in the Contractor's proposal and the
Government Estimate, the Contractor and the Contracting Officer shall meet at the direction of the
Contracting Officer to negotiate the extent of effort and costs of the proposed work.
Task orders for the contract work will be on Department of Defense DD Form 1155. The
contractor shall submit one copy of the task order with the invoice for payment.
JUNE 1999


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