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(c) Prior to commencement of the work, the Contractor may be required to:
(1) submit in writing his proposals for effectuating provision for accident prevention;
(2) meet in conference with representatives of the Contracting Officer to discuss and develop
mutual understandings relative to administration of the overall safety program.
(End of clause)
The engineer or architect signing the drawings must be registered in the country of record for the
Architect-Engineer company or the country of the proposed construction -- as a Professional Engineer
(P.E.) or Registered Architect (R.A.) In addition, the drawings shall be signed by a responsible person
of corporate status in the Architect-Engineer firm and stamped with his/her registration seal when the
seal is authorized by the country where the project is to be constructed.
(End of clause)
5252.236-9309 KEY PERSONNEL (JUN 1994)
The Architect-Engineer (A-E) shall employ the following professional personnel to perform the
services required under this contract. Prior to starting work, the A-E will forward to the Contracting
Officer a resume for the individual(s) assigned to each discipline to be utilized. No substitution will be
made without the advance written approval of the Contracting Officer, after he has reviewed the
proposed replacement's experience and qualifications record submitted by the A-E with explanation of
the necessity for the change. No increase in salary rates will be allowed when personnel substitution
is authorized.
"Refer to Standard Form 255"
(End of clause)
5252.236-9310 RECORD DRAWINGS (JUN 1994)
The Contractor shall maintain at the job site two sets of full-size prints of the contract drawings,
accurately marked in red with adequate dimensions, to show all variations between the construction
actually provided and that indicated or specified in the contract documents, including buried or
concealed construction. Special attention shall be given to recording the horizontal and vertical
location of all buried utilities that differ from the contract drawings. Existing utility lines and features
revealed during the course of construction, shall also be accurately located and dimensioned.
Variations in the interior utility systems shall be clearly defined and dimensioned; and coordinated with
exterior utility connections at the building five-foot line, where applicable. Existing topographic
features which differ from those shown on the contract drawings shall also be accurately located and
recorded. Where a choice of materials or methods is permitted herein, or where variations in scope or
character of methods is permitted herein, or where variations in scope or character of work from that
of the original contract are authorized, the drawings shall be marked to define the construction
actually provided. The representations of such changes shall conform to standard drafting practice
and shall include such supplementary notes, legends, and details as necessary to clearly portray the
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