Quantcast Certification Regarding Department,Suspension, Proposed Debarment,and Other Responsibilty Matters

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(c) Offerors located outside the United States may obtain the location and phone number of the local
Dun and Bradstreet Information Services office from the Internet home page at http://www.dnb.com/.
If an offeror is unable to locate a local service center, it may send an e-mail to Dun and Bradstreet at
(End of Provision)
(1) The Offeror certifies, to the best of its knowledge and belief, that --
(i) The Offeror and/or any of its Principals --
(A) Are [ ] are not [ ] presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or
declared ineligible for the award of contracts by any Federal agency;
(B) Have [ ] have not [ ], within a three-year period preceding this offer, been
convicted of or had a civil judgment rendered against them for: commission of fraud
or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining, attempting to obtain, or
performing a public (Federal, state, or local) contract or subcontract; violation of
Federal or state antitrust statutes relating to the submission of offers; or
commission of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of
records, making false statements, tax evasion, or receiving stolen property; and
(C) Are [ ] are not [ ] presently indicted for, or otherwise criminally or civilly
charged by a governmental entity with, commission of any of the offenses
enumerated in subdivision (a)(1)(i)(B) of this provision.
(ii) The Offeror has [ ] has not [ ], within a three-year period preceding this offer, had one
or more contracts terminated for default by any Federal agency.
(2) "Principals," for the purposes of this certification, means officers; directors; owners; partners;
and, persons having primary management or supervisory responsibilities within a business entity
(e.g., general manager; plant manager; head of a subsidiary, division, or business segment, and
similar positions).
This Certification Concerns a Matter Within the Jurisdiction of an Agency of the United
States and the Making of a False, Fictitious, or Fraudulent Certification May Render the
Maker Subject to Prosecution Under Section 1001, Title 18, United States Code.
(b) The Offeror shall provide immediate written notice to the Contracting Officer if, at any time prior to
contract award, the Offeror learns that its certification was erroneous when submitted or has become
erroneous by reason of changed circumstances.
JUNE 1999


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