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(11) The Government may disclose the following information in postaward debriefings to other
(i) The overall evaluated cost or price and technical rating of the successful offeror;
(ii) The overall ranking of all offerors, when any ranking was developed by the agency
during source selection;
(iii) A summary of the rationale for award; and
(iv) For acquisitions of commercial items, the make and model of the item to be delivered
by the successful offeror.
(End of Provision)
(a) Definition.
Facsimile proposal, as used in this provision, means a proposal, revision or modification of a
proposal, or withdrawal of a proposal that is transmitted to and received by the Government via
facsimile machine.
(b) Offerors may submit facsimile proposals as responses to this solicitation. Facsimile proposals are
subject to the same rules as paper proposals.
(c) The telephone number of receiving facsimile equipment is: (808) 474-8908.
(d) If any portion of a facsimile proposal received by the Contracting Officer is unreadable to the
degree that conformance to the essential requirements of the solicitation cannot be ascertained from
the document --
(1) The Contracting Officer immediately shall notify the offeror and permit the offeror to resubmit
the proposal;
(2) The method and time for resubmission shall be prescribed by the Contracting Officer after
consultation with the offeror; and
(3) The resubmission shall be considered as if it were received at the date and time of the original
unreadable submission for the purpose of determining timeliness, provided the offeror complies
with the time and format requirements for resubmission prescribed by the Contracting Officer.
(e) The Government reserves the right to make award solely on the facsimile proposal. However, if
requested to do so by the Contracting Officer, the apparently successful offeror promptly shall submit
the complete original signed proposal.
(End of Provision)
JUNE 1999


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