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(A) For catalog items, a copy of or identification of the catalog and its date, or the
appropriate pages for the offered items, or a statement that the catalog is on file in
the buying office to which the proposal is being submitted. Provide a copy or
describe current discount policies and price lists (published or unpublished), e.g.,
wholesale, original equipment manufacturer, or reseller. Also explain the basis of
each offered price and its relationship to the established catalog price, including
how the proposed price relates to the price of recent sales in quantities similar to
the proposed quantities;
(B) For market-priced items, the source and date or period of the market quotation
or other basis for market price, the base amount, and applicable discounts. In
addition, describe the nature of the market;
(C) For items included on an active Federal Supply Service Multiple Award
Schedule contract, proof that an exception has been granted for the schedule item.
(2) The offeror grants the Contracting Officer or an authorized representative the right to examine,
at any time before award, books, records, documents, or other directly pertinent records to verify
any request for an exception under this provision, and the reasonableness of price. For items
priced using catalog or market prices, or law or regulation, access does not extend to cost or profit
information or other data relevant solely to the offeror's determination of the prices to be offered in
the catalog or marketplace.
(b) Requirements for cost or pricing data. If the offeror is not granted an exception from the
requirement to submit cost or pricing data, the following applies:
(1) The offeror shall prepare and submit cost or pricing data and supporting attachments in
accordance with Table 15-2 of FAR 15.408.
(2) As soon as practicable after agreement on price, but before contract award (except for
unpriced actions such as letter contracts), the offeror shall submit a Certificate of Current Cost or
Pricing Data, as prescribed by FAR 15.406-2.
(c) Submit the cost portion of the proposal via the following electronic media:
Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Outlook
(End of Provision)
52.216-1 TYPE OF CONTRACT (APR 1984)
The Government contemplates award of a fixed-price or indefinite-quantity contract resulting from this
(End of provision)
JUNE 1999


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