Quantcast Compliance with Veterans Employment Reporting Requirements

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(4) "Proscribed information" means-
(i) Top Secret information;
(ii) Communications Security (COMSEC) information, except classified keys used to
operate secure telephone units (STU IIIs);
(iii) Restricted Data as defined in the U.S. Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended;
(iv) Special Access Program (SAP) information; or
(v) Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).
(b) Prohibition on award. No contract under a national security program may be awarded to an entity
controlled by a foreign government if that entity requires access to proscribed information to perform
the contract, unless the Secretary of Defense or a designee has waived application of 10 U.S.C.
(c) Disclosure. The Offeror shall disclose any interest a foreign government has in the Offeror when
that interest constitutes control by a foreign government as defined in this provision. If the Offeror is a
subsidiary, it shall also disclose any reportable interest a foreign government has in any entity that
owns or controls the subsidiary, including reportable interest concerning the Offeror's immediate
parent, intermediate parents, and the ultimate parent. Use separate paper as needed, and provide the
information in the following format:
Offeror's Point of Contact for Questions about Disclosure
(Name and Phone Number with Country Code, City Code
and Area Code, as applicable)
Name and Address of Offeror
Name and Address of Entity Controlled by a Description of Interest, Ownership
Foreign Government
Percentage, and Identification of Foreign
(End of provision)
By submission of its offer, the offeror represents that, if it is subject to the reporting requirements of 37
U.S.C. 4212(d) (i.e., the VETS-100 report required by Federal Acquisition Regulation clause 52.222-
37, Employment Reports on Disabled Veterans and Veterans of the Vietnam Era), it has submitted
the more recent report required by 37 U.S.C. 4212(d)].
(End of provision)
JUNE 1999


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