Quantcast Identification and Assertion of Use,Release, or Disclosure Restrictions -Cont.

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Identification and Assertion of Restrictions on the Government's Use, Release, or Disclosure of
Technical Data or Computer Software.
The Offeror asserts for itself, or the persons identified below, that the Government's rights to use,
release, or disclose the following technical data or computer software should be restricted:
Technical Data
Computer Software
Name of Person
to be Furnished
Basis for
Asserted Rights
With Restrictions*
* For technical data (other than computer software documentation) pertaining to items,
components, or processes developed at private expense, identify both the deliverable technical
data and each such item, component, or process. For computer software or computer software
documentation identify the software or documentation.
** Generally, development at private expense, either exclusively or partially, is the only basis for
asserting restrictions. For technical data, other than computer software documentation,
development refers to development of the item, component, or process to which the data pertain.
The Government's rights in computer software documentation generally may not be restricted. For
computer software, development refers to the software. Indicate whether development was
accomplished exclusively or partially at private expense. If development was not accomplished at
private expense, or for computer software documentation, enter the specific basis for asserting
*** Enter asserted rights category (e.g., government purpose license rights from a prior contract,
rights in SBIR data generated under another contract, limited, restricted, or government purpose
rights under this or a prior contract, or specially negotiated licenses).
**** Corporation, individual, or other person, as appropriate.
***** Enter "none" when all data or software will be submitted without restrictions.
Printed Name and Title
(End of identification and assertion)
(e) An offeror's failure to submit, complete, or sign the notification and identification required by
paragraph (d) of this provision with its offer may render the offer ineligible for award.
(f) If the Offeror is awarded a contract, the assertions identified in paragraph (d) of this provision shall
be listed in an attachment to that contract. Upon request by the Contracting Officer, the Offeror shall
provide sufficient information to enable the Contracting Officer to evaluate any listed assertion.
(End of provision)
JUNE 1999


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