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All drawings shall be accomplished and developed using computer-aided design and drafting
(CADD) software.
CADD Format. The CADD data shall be provided in Autodesk, Inc. AutoCAD Release14 or
Bentley Systems Inc. MicroStation 95. The CADD format required will be stated in the
statement of work.
CADD Standards. CADD drawings shall be prepared in accordance with the Tri-Service
Architectural/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
Standards. The present version is Release 1.7 and is available from the Tri-Service CADD/GIS
Technology Center's website: http://tsc.wes.army.mil. A copy may also be obtained by
contacting Mr. Richard Ohye (CAP04G:RYO) at (808) 471-8172.
The Standards manual provides guidance and procedures for developing and preparing CADD
files. The Contractor shall submit a written request for approval of any deviations from
standards. Any specific requirements will be outlined in the statement of work and/or is stated
1. Level/layer naming convention: Use the Preferred Method, Appendix A. This convention is
based on 1997 American Institute of Architects' publication, "CAD Layer Guidelines." If
the project is small, the optional Simplified Method, Appendix C, may be used.
2. Delivery Media and Format: For projects with electronic digital files, provide the electronic
digital data and files on CD-ROM in the International Standards Organization (ISO)-9660
format. The electronic digital media shall be in the format which can be read and processed
by the Government's target CADD system and labeled as outlined in the Standards manual.
In addition, files shall be provided uncompressed. The media shall be provided along with
the documentation in a binder.
3. Documentation: Provide documentation for the CADD files to be able to duplicate the
drawings at a later date and shall be provided with the deliverables. In addition to the
requirements previously prescribed for inclusion in the transmittal sheet and drawing
levels/layers, the following additional minimum documentation requirements for delivered
electronic digital media should be included:
a. Plotting instructions. Specific plotting instructions (e.g. pen settings, scale).
b. A list of all deviations from the standard layer/level scheme and file-naming
c. A list of all new symbols created for the project, which were not provided to the A-E .
d. A list of all new figure/symbol tables, schedules, and other cells/blocks created for the
project, which were not provided to the A-E, and any associated properties.
e. A list of all database files associated with each drawing, as well as a description of the
database format and schema design.
A list of drawings with corresponding NAVFAC drawing numbers, sheet title


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