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Construction Criteria Base (CCB).  A CD-ROM system published and
distributed by the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) to over
3,000 subscribers.  CCB contains over a million pages of easily accessible
and rapidly searchable documents and executable programs, provided directly
to NIBS by over 120 participating federal agencies (Navy, Army, Air Force,
etc.) and building industry trade associations, professional societies,
standards-writing organizations and code bodies.  CCB also includes
SPECSINTACT, an automated specification processing system.
In accordance with Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations)
memo of 28 Dec 95, A-Es may not use CCB for other than DOD contract work
unless they are subscribers of it.  Under a DOD site license of CCB, free
copies are currently available for all DOD offices, including Navy and
Marine Corps.  Per NIBS:  Starting with CCB disc #38 (mailed in November
1996), all contractors for Navy, Army, and AF will get CCB for free.  A-Es
will be required to provide a copy of the signed contract form with a start
and end date.
Refer to the attached CCB Bulletin for details on System Requirements,
Contents, and Subscription.
NIBS Web Site:  www.nibs.org
E-mail:  ccb@nibs.org
Toll free no.:  1-877-222-5667
Also PACDIV Web Site:  www.efdpac.navfac.navy.mil
(Link to NIBS)


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