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Site Improvements:
Remove debris such as, roots, limbs, waste lumber, etc. from the site.
not allow debris to be mixed with backfill material.
Be sure that soil meets compaction standards.  Pay particular attention to
areas above utility lines and under pavements, walkways, and slabs.
During construction:
Protect walkways, pavements, trees, and plantings from damage by
heavy equipment.
Remove soil from streets and walks to prevent its being tracked
into buildings.
Protect catch basins and storm drains from debris and concrete
spoil.  Limit soil erosion with proven soil stabilization techniques such as
Provide drainage slope away from structures, minimum 1/4 inch per foot for at
least 5 feet from structure.
Locate walkways where they will be used and link to existing walkways.
Consider siting sidewalks 15 to 20 feet from streets for added pedestrian
safety and clearance for street snow removal.
Consider using a gravel or crushed stone splash area along gutterless roof
lines to prevent mud splatter on lower outside walls.
Provide foundation drains and waterproofing when required by local soil and
ground water conditions and climate.
Use soil incorporated termiticides in termite activity zones unless
underground HVAC ducts are used.
Follow PACAF "MAKE IT BETTER" guidance on exterior sign construction and
Ensure adequate grounds care before and during construction and protection of
plantings that are to be saved.
Try to use existing grades.
Preserve existing trees that fit into the
landscaping plan.
Provide top soil suitable for lawn growth (% air, organics, nutrients, and


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