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On all metallic structures where the surface is blasted to white or near
white finish, no blasted surface will be left unprimed beyond the normal
workday.  Any unprimed surface must be reblasted.
Do not specify paint on concrete surfaces unless absolutely necessary.
Coatings specified for underground or submerged use must be those
specifically designed for the type of environmental conditions.  Under no
circumstances will thin plastic film tapes, such as electrical tape, be used
to coat underground structures or wiring.  Reference NACE Standard RP-01-69
for coatings information.
Use AFM 85-3 to select proper types of paint.
Require spot painting of scratches, field welds and other exposed surfaces of
structural steel.
Use the appropriate type of primer for painting over galvanized steel or
aluminum surfaces.  Ensure surface is free of oily films often applied at the
Metal Siding:
Ensure condensate from window air-conditioners is conducted away from the
Do not use textured or embossed metal siding panels.
Avoid dissimilar metal contact.
Use washers with fasteners.
Isolate aluminum from concrete.
When galvanized products are required, specify hot dipped 50-50 aluminum/zinc
galvanizing vice electroplated.
Use weather-resistant coatings not epoxy or other chalking product.
Overhead, Roll-up and Sliding Doors:
In areas subject to typhoons, consider increasing the design safety factors
for doors, rollers and tracks on facilities that house aircraft and other
high cost items.
Try to eliminate bird problems by avoiding surfaces on which they can alight
or nest.
Wood treated with a preservative should be used in lieu of soil treatment if
possible.  Life cycle cost analysis will determine which method to use.
Provide termite shields at foundation.


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