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Consider using rubber coated swinging doors in industrial warehouse
g.  Key mechanical room doors to a master provided by the base civil
h.  Include a practical door numbering system and signage (IAW AFP 88-40
and PACAF "MAKE IT BETTER" Sign Guidance).  Use base standard interior sign
systems if available.
Consider pivoting or pull out windows on multi-story facilities that can be
washed from inside a room.
Consider fixed rather than operating windows, but don't overlook ventilation
requirements and fire protection requirements.
Prevent damage to large panes of vertical glass by using adequate bars or
Do not design window ledges that are near floor level in such a way that they
can be sat or stood on, unless designed for that purpose.
Consider glazing with plastic panes or shatterproof glass where breakage is a
problem, such as from jet blast debris.
Sills should drain water to the outside.
Consider these window design features:
a.  Choose aluminum windows over wood or steel.  Aluminum windows must
be anodized at least 1/2 hour; preferably 1 hour.  Consider thermal transfer
through frame and condensation problems - a thermal break may be required.
b.  Avoid setting exterior louvers or decorative masonry that will
interfere with window washing.
c.  If windows are to be washed manually, provide suitable hooks for
upper stories.
d.  If windows are flush with exterior walls, provide a means of
conducting water around the window.  Where feasible, use roof overhangs to
protect against water damage and provide shading.
Consider tinted, heat-reducing, glare-reducing glass.


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