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General Considerations:
Provide systems O&M manuals in accordance with ETL 89-2 that describe the
proper operations and maintenance of "systems" including POL, HVAC, utilities
(water, sewer, electrical), fire protection, aircraft shelters, etc. where
several components are needed to perform a designated function.  These
manuals should be in sufficient detail to tie the various components of a
"system" together.  Schematic diagrams as well as manufacturer's literature
should also be included.  Provide recommended maintenance schedules for
equipment.  Manufacturer's recommended spare parts list will be included.
The final acceptance of the above described systems will be executed only if
all components operation and perform their designated function.  Training of
CE shop personnel in the operations and maintenance of these systems should
also be provided.
All special tools required to balance, maintain, operate, and repair test
systems will be provided by the contractor.  These tools will be provided to
the government at no cost during final acceptance.  Consult with maintenance
personnel on requirements.


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