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General Considerations:
Design new systems to be compatible with on-site operation, maintenance, and
repair capabilities.  Keep it simple!
Specify equipment for which replacement parts can be easily procured,
especially at overseas bases.
Involve appropriate maintenance personnel in all phases of project
accomplishment: programming, design, and construction management.
Design new systems to be compatible with on-site utilities.  Poor electrical
power quality (frequency and voltage fluctuations) may require power
conditioning.  Potable water chemistry may dictate use of corrosion resistant
materials.  Sewage treatment processes may limit the types of chemicals and
biocides that can be utilized for industrial water treatment.  Verify all on-
site conditions.
Minimize the need for special test equipment and maintenance/repair tools.
Consider the advantages of installing a high-temperature hot water system
rather than steam.
Specify only durable, corrosion resistant equipment, valves, etc., which are
designed for low-maintenance and easy-maintenance.
Provide cabinets for O&M manuals and as-built drawings.  Cabinets shall be
built-in and enclosed, with installed task lighting and a "drop-down" or
retractable lay-out table.  Cabinet shall be located in a cool, dry, well-
ventilated and protected area, near to or inside the main mechanical room.
In hardened facilities, cabinet shall be inside the clean mechanical room.
Equipment Rooms:
Install all major
mechanical equipment and system components in bona fide
equipment rooms.
Do not install mechanical equipment on rooftops or in
ceiling and attic
spaces (in-line fans, exhaust fans and ventilators may be
installed if made
easily accessible for maintenance, repair and replacement).
Secure equipment rooms from non-maintenance personnel.
Equipment room size, layout and location will allow for future replacement of
equipment items.  A ground level equipment room with at least one exterior
wall is essential.  Provide sufficiently large doors.  Provide tracked
overhead lifting devices and a loading dock.  Arrange equipment, piping and
conduits to allow replacement of equipment items with minimal system


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