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Underground electrical service is preferred to overhead.  If you must use
overhead electrical, use concrete or aluminum in place of wood poles.
Install underground conductors in duct or conduit.
Ensure adequate clear space around electrical equipment.
If concentric neutral cable used, specify outer sheath to protect neutral
from corrosion.
Use high voltage air or vacuum SF 6 type switches instead of oil insulated.
Keep junction poles free of transformers and switches.
Be sure that lighting fixtures are reasonably accessible or specify fixture
lowering device/access panel, etc.
Never place lighting fixtures out of reach over stairs.
Put them over the
Use rough-service lamps in problem areas.
Use high-impact plastic rather
than glass globes.
Allow for the possibility of alternate row lighting in office and other large
In areas normally dimly lit, provide alternate lighting for maintenance or
convenient outlet for portable lighting.
Do not locate accent lights in hard-to-reach areas.
Select fixture designs that do not collect dirt and have surfaces that are
easy to clean.
Avoid egg-crate diffusers; use solid lens instead.
If grid type ceiling is provided, provide flexibility for relocating panels
and lighting fixtures without rewiring.
Emergency Generators:
To allow for rapid shedding where backup power units are required, provide
separate panel for all critical loads.
Provide quick disconnect or transfer switch on outside of facility where
portable generators are authorized.
Provide engine jacketwater heater on generator with automatic transfer
controls to insure quick starting and load pick-up.


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