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Specify maintenance free lead-calcium battery instead of lead-antimony or
Provide suitable shelter for new fixed installations.
Place all sub-system components such as controls, battery chargers, auxiliary
cooling systems, etc. at normal eye level.
Provide roof over generators installed outdoors.
Indoor installation of
generators is preferred.
Power Plants (Prime and Standby):
Switchgear should not be mixed manufacture, it makes logistical support
Ensure access to three-phase and single phase power for use in the testing of
power circuit breakers and/or protective devices.
Switchgear in power plants and/or standby generator rooms should include a
spare air circuit breaker as applicable.
Design should be carefully considered to facilitate maintenance of large
engine components.
There have been instances where the main fuel fill connection (truck to tank)
has been installed in a low lying area where rain water collects and enters
the fuel system.  Day tanks had been improperly cleaned and sealed, and were
not installed to the correct height.  In some instances, check valves have
not been installed, causing fire hazards when fuel lines leak or are
accidently broken.  Ensure fill and vent lines to fuel tanks are adequately
secured by lock and key to prevent tampering.
Ensure adequate drainage around buildings is present to prevent flooding of
switchgear and alternator.
Engine radiators should not be mounted lower than the engine, it could cause
an air lock in the cooling system.
Power plant designs should permit transfer of station load between commercial
and Air Force power plants.  This will prevent a power outage and a loss of
Consider a need for bathroom, office, and work area.
Control circuitry shall be designed so that generator circuit breakers can
not be electrically closed without the synchroscope being turned to the "on"
position for that particular generator.  This prevents connection of two
power sources out of phase.
Firewalls between the high voltage switchgear cabinets should be included.


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