Quantcast Power Plants (Prime and Standby) -Cont. - aeg_p0421

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Low voltage terminal boards, control wires, and devices shall not be located
inside the high voltage cabinet areas.  (Dangerous to troubleshoot, repair,
or replace).
All protective relays should be of the same type and model for identical
Electronic governor system should be designed with shielded cable for
paralleled lines.  This eliminates a problem with electrical noise
(interference) causing erratic signal to governor controls which results in
the engine constantly hunting and surging in parallel configuration.
Engine fuel system design should include a fuel return line to the day tank
eliminating excessive back pressure in the engine fuel header.
Utilize underground fuel systems whenever possible.
Fiberglass or plastic-
type tanks should be considered.
Install cooling radiators where they will not create a draft into the power
plant or where they will be adversely affected by the exhaust.
Consider providing mimie boards for complex systems.
Consider reducing noise and pollution by directing the exhaust pipe away from
occupied areas.
Generators shall be capable of operating on JP-B fuel with minor
modifications.  A conversion kit with instructions shall be provided to
convert from DFM to JP-8 fuel.


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