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General Considerations:
Provide adequate roof drains (on canopies also), and be sure they are at the
low points.  Locate drains in low visibility areas if possible.  Avoid
interior roof drains and drains hidden within structural elements.
Be sure guttering is of ample size.  Consider monsoon rains and hail, dirt
and leaf build-up.  Slope for flushing effect.  Use leaf shields where
required.  Consider gutter overflows for intense rainstorms.  Avoid details
where water can backup under roofing materials.
Where heavy pollution or salt air is prevalent, use gutters and downspouts of
resistant material.
Use a steel sleeve or boot to protect downspouts where they may become
damaged and consider erosion at the splash area.
Consider unexposed downspouts in cold weather climates.
Install permanent ladders for roof access (preferably at interior lockable
locations or through mechanical room ceilings).
Use roof walkways or tread boards on built-up roofs for inspection and
maintenance purposes.
Avoid ferrous materials for flashing and related items.
Pay particular
attention to flashing-details and sealants.
Provide a pitch pocket where wires or bars penetrate the built-up roofs.
Where columns and other structural members penetrate the roof, use a pedestal
flashed with a cap.
Avoid close spacings of items penetrating the roof.
Avoid penetrations if
Use deflector hoods or skirts for ventilator pipes or similar items piercing
the roof, especially if the roof is not well sloped.
Roof penetrations should not be in valleys or drain areas.
Avoid flat surfaces on tops of walls and parapets.
Try to eliminate parapets.and other decorative roof features (except for fire
Protect roof-mounted mechanical equipment from the elements.  Consider snow
drift loads and path of melting snow in cold climates.  Also, ensure positive
drainage of condensate from air conditioning units.


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