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Provide accessibility to and clearance around all mechanical items
(equipment, valves, backflow preventers, controls, etc.) requiring periodic
testing, calibration, maintenance or repair.  Adjacent structures or system
components should not require temporary removal or dismantling in order to
perform these functions.
Provide all utilities.  Provide adequate lighting, electrical outlets, water
service (3/4 inch hose bibbs), ventilation and sanitary sewer connections.
Provide sloped floor-to-floor drain(s) and indirect waste receptors (floor
sinks, standpipes, etc.) for condensate drains, boiler blowdowns, and other
liquid discharges.
Mount all piping, conduits, equipment, etc. sufficiently above floor to
prevent wetting during spills, washdowns, etc.  Provide concrete piers or
raised floor slabs.
Provide easy access to piping, wiring and conduit.  Consider specific utility
spaces and runs either above, below or vertically through the space served.
Consider acoustic treatment of high-noise equipment rooms.
Install permanent stairs, ladders and catwalks to allow easy periodic
testing, calibration, maintenance and repair of system components not
accessible from floor level.
Built-in lighted work benches, locking cabinets, stainless steel sinks and
water fountains are highly desirable in large equipment rooms.  Consult with
maintenance personnel on requirements.
Provide emergency eyewash/shower stations where industrial water treatment is
Where considerable industrial water treatment is performed on large boiler,
hot water or cooling water systems, a separate, dedicated laboratory area
complete with work counters, stainless steel sinks, storage cabinets,
chemical storage room, task lighting, task ventilation, etc. is highly
desirable.  Consult with maintenance personnel on requirements.
Identify all equipment with permanently installed laminated plastic (or other
suitable material) signs.
Additional boiler room requirements:
Provide insulated stainless steel flues and stacks.
Design flue/stack system for easy cleaning.
c.  Locate boilers to allow unobstructed tube removal, cleaning and


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