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Specify horizontal split case pumps with mechanical seals.
Air Filter Sections of Air Handlers:  Standardize all filter racks to meet
the current Material Requirement Listing.  This will cut down on the many
different sizes of filters kept on bench stock.
Air Volume Dampers:  Size and specify control dampers to provide near-linear
performance in accordance with established ASHRAE methods.
a.  Provide duct-mounted airflow measuring stations to facilitate
b.  Locate fresh air intakes and exhaust outlets to be protected against
tampering and vandalism.  Protect against bird, insect, debris and water
c.  Make all duct mounted devices easily accessible for maintenance,
calibration and repair.  Provide ceiling access panels.
Supply Registers and Diffusers:  Specify for both maximum Air Distribution
Performance Index (ADPI) and appropriate Noise Criteria (NC) in accordance
with established ASHRAE methods.
Cooling Towers:  Plan air intake and discharge locations carefully. Locate
cooling towers so that windows and other adjacent surfaces do not become
water spotted or corroded.
Air Cooled Condenser Coils:  Specify copper tube/copper fin coils for marine
environments.  For severely corrosive marine environments, specify a
manufacturer-approved dipped protective coating in addition to all-copper
a. Install controls at clean, dry, vibration-free, easily accessible and
well-lighted locations.
b.  Design and specify control valves and dampers to provide near-linear
performance in accordance with established ASHRAE methods.
c.  Use remote sensors so controllers can be centrally located in the
mechanical room.
d.  Devices such as thermostats and humidistats located in areas with
public access should have tamper-proof locking covers.
e.  Provide conditioned power (voltage regulated and noise filtered) for
control components in areas with poor electrical power quality.  This is a
common condition at many overseas locations.


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