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k.  Isolate protected systems from all grounding rods/nets, electrical
conduits, etc. which may adversely affect cathodic protection.
Industrial water treatment for corrosion control:
a.  On all systems where water is used for either primary or secondary
heating or cooling, equipment and chemicals must be installed for chemical
water treatment.  This applies to both closed and open-type recirculating
b.  The equipment installation will be based upon specific information
obtained at the construction site and will be consistent with existing base
water treatment methods.  Information would include data such as current
water quality analysis of base water.  All water treatment design must be
performed by an NACE accredited "Corrosion Specialist" with at least five
years experience in this design.
c.  Provide automatic chemical feed systems whenever possible and
practical.  Utilize one of two methods:
(1) Water meter - timer method, where chemicals are added in
relation to water make-up.
(2) Solids controller to control blow down and chemical feed.
Provide on-site IWT laboratory for large/complex/critical systems.
Provide on-site chemical storage space for large systems.
Provide coupon racks.
Provide adequate, accessible, convenient sampling points.
Specify contractor provided-formal O&M Training for new systems.
i.  Keep steam and HTHW systems closed to allow IWT.  Utilize heat
exchangers and "sacrificial" booster units where live steam or domestic hot
water is required.
Install adequate water meters for IWT operation and maintenance.
Install intercoolers at IWT sampling points on steam or HW systems.
l.  Provide adequate air bleeds (automatic or manual).
Pipe to sanitary
sewer if possible (use indirect connection).
m.  Provide emergency eyewash/shower stations for safety of IWT
n.  Provide both feedwater and make-up water conditioning systems for
boiler systems.


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